Monthly Archives: June 2016


As I write this, the flavor of one of my last Sen-Sen tabs lingers in my mouth. Over the years I’ve enjoyed Sen-Sen. I usually found them in pharmacies in bigger cities. Probably 20 years ago I bought a box of 12 packages from an internet vendor. I consumed most and shared the wealth with some of my friends. Now, sadly, they are discontinued. I’d like to buy the recipe, the machinery and go back into production.

Dr. L.R. Locher, the dentist in my home town of Farley, Iowa was a regular visitor to my dad’s store. My first memory of Doc Locher was the legend that early every morning he would walk the streets of town and throw money away! So the trick was to get up early and search the streets and alleys to see what treasures could be found. (This is just one example of the richness of our entertainment in our small town.) He turned me on to Sen-Sen and all manner of other oddities. He played baseball in his youth, and even through his undergraduate years at Northwestern. I think he was a catcher. Dad remarked that “Doc” had broken each one of his fingers at least once. He was quite athletic, even in his later years. He would open the neighboring Dyersville Pool season every year by diving from the high board. He was fond of challenging young turks to take their best shot and punch him in the stomach “as hard as you can”! Doc owned a bright orange red 1958 Impala convertible with a 348 which he cruised around in Dubuque County. He was a very sharp dresser. I don’t think he ever threw away any clothes. Styles come and go and invariably a 25-year old tie, sport coat or pair of slacks would come back into style.