Favorite Songs

Over the years these are some songs that have caught my eye, er, ear. Granted. some are kind of quirky. (I don’t own the rights to any of these songs)

The Israelites

This one goes back to WWII years but was resurrected in 1962.
I Remember You

One of my first favorite songs

Another one of my first favorites
(They Called The Wind) Mariah

I remember this was on the radio one summer when we visited our Cosgrove cousins. Down in the Boondocks

1969 — On the bus in Chicago during our Senior (high school) Class Trip
In The Ghetto and These Eyes

A couple more from my early “Country” phase (too numerous to mention)
Totally smitten by Stand By Your Man
Honorable Mention: Talk Back Trembling Lips

Kind of fun — Pitty Patter and Tippy Toeing

1971 on the road working in Manning on IA 141 Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends and Rings

Finally (for now) Mostly asleep, waking up to the clock radio sometime in the ’80s.
Sail On

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