The Catholic Church – A Long View

November 7, 2018 Hour 2, Kresta in the Afternoon. This segment featured an interview with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. Dr. Morse issues a compelling call to the Catholic laity. These points particularly caught my attention.

1.) Secrets are a debilitating in any family. We (lay members of the Catholic Church) are in the throes of family secrets right now and we will struggle until we are successful in eliminating those secrets.

2.) Many bishops and Catholic theologians are embarrassed by the Church’s teaching on marriage and family life. The senior administration is often dragging its feet, so it falls upon the married faithful to show by their own actions that the official teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage and family life is the right answer.

3.) What to say to people who are “leaving the Catholic Church because it is full of creeps all the way to the top” etc.?

Cut it out! You need to pick up the ball! You need to do whatever is necessary to put the Church in order for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren….

We stand on the shoulders of those who came before. Look around you. Look at the bricks and mortar. The physical facilities constructed by our parents (and ancestors, going back to the beginning) reflect the faith of our ancestors. Those people literally bled to give us the Catholic infrastructure, churches that we have today. We have no right to turn our backs on it. We have no right to walk away from it. We have no right to leave the deposit of faith in worse shape than it was when we got it as children.

There is an intellectual side of the Catholic Faith as expertly administered by Pope Benedict XVI and many, many other career philosophers and theologians, professional and amateur. The people I interact with are, for the most part, not intellectuals. I’m not a teacher, a professor, a scholar. I live in the world. As a child, the devotional life of the Church is what surrounded me – popular public devotions – masses, rosaries, processions, feast days, fasting, litanies, retreats and the compendium of prayers. Not the intellectual side of the Faith. (Although now I am beginning to appreciate how important that side is.)

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