William J. Greenwood

My brother Bill passed away yesterday, on the Feast of Saint Therese “the little flower”. It has been said that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, one must be like a little child. Bill has always been child-like to me. Bill, from an early age, exhibited a kind heart and joyfulness that humbles me. It is indeed fitting that Bill would join the Church Triumphant on the Feast of St. Therese. (St. Therese died on September 30 and yet her feast day is October 1? Hmmm.)

Like St. Therese, Bill died young and suffered a lot during his years on this earth. But the events of later, recent years masked Bill’s true spirit. As a child and a young man Bill would do anything for anybody. He loved to joke and prank. His laugh was hearty and without reservation. He loved and was loved by his home town and everyone in it.

I will always remember Bill for his loving, gentle and joyful nature. I hope I can be more like him.

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